Cut-A-Thon with Local Hairdressers for the Survivors of the Sandoval Family

An emotionally charged and spirited Cut-A-Thon was organized by WWW and the International School of Beauty to aid the seven children surviving the automobile accident in which their mother, Nohemi Sandoval, was killed.

Nohemi, in addition to both her two sisters, was a student at the International School of Beauty.

It was a very successful event bringing the family over $10,000 in cash, as well as a van, four bunk beds and eight mattresses. In the late afternoon, Channel Six News came to film and interview the staff and family. The report was broadcast on the evening news. We ended the day feeling that “good kind of tired” of a job well done.

“The donations for the Sandoval family continue to come in and we are so grateful to all who are joining the on-going labor of love for this family. Thank you one and all.”

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