The success of the Debbie Project

Debbie2014-02-15The success of the Debbie Project!!!!! and Miss Debbie Dorsett!!!

Her newest creation is a beautiful baby blanket she knitted for the Linus Project which distributes handmade blankets to infants & children in the community ……She visits often  at the Yarn Company in Palm Desert getting inspiration & help!!

If you don’t know Debbie’s Story please see our previous posts The Debbie Project  to read about her

Also, here is a letter from Debbie!

To Whom It May Concern:

Since receiving my iPad from the Women Working Wonders program in December of 2012, I have learned and accomplished many new and exciting things. Before, I had to have a different device for all the tasks that I did. Now, with my iPad I can do many tasks with just one item.

I am currently using my iPad to check and send emails to my friends, family and work contacts. This has kept me informed and in touch with what is going on. I can use Siri, which is a very helpful tool for me; she assists me when I need to look up something on the internet. I can download and use Apps, such as the money recognizer and color recognizer and am currently researching for an App that will assist me as a volunteer knitting teacher. I also have an App that is called Tap, Tap, See which allows me to take a picture and it will tell me what is in the picture, this is something I have never been able to do before. I also use my iPad for fun, playing games during my free time. I use the iPad to listen to the radio and to get my news. I use the Bard system online which allows me to download audio books from the National Library of Congress. I have a place to store all of my contacts and needed information that allows me easy access. Last but not least, I use my iPad as an alarm. I have it set to go off on the hour and the ½ hour. This allows me to always know what time it is without having to stop what I am doing to read my watch.

I am continuing to learn more each day and am always thinking of ways that it will make my day to day tasks easier. I am taking classes that will teach me more about the iPad and look forward to gaining more knowledge. I feel that my iPad has helped me to gain much independence and has boosted my self-confidence so that I feel that I can try anything!

Thank you to the Women Working Wonders program for allowing me this great opportunity!


Deborah Dorsett

As you can see from Debbie’s letter, she continues to learn and the IPad has made a real impact on her life. When asked recently what her favorite things were on the Ipad, she answered with Facetime – using it to communicate with her brother and sister on the internet, giving them a chance to see and check in on her. And of course, the books, games and email. She also uses the Mini radio app during her bus rides to Braille or the Yarn Company.

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